'Houses crushed, cars crushed, trees uprooting': Tully neighbors deal with storm aftermath

'Houses crushed, cars crushed, trees uprooting': Tully neighbors deal with storm aftermath

Neighbors in Tully are assessing the damage from massive tress that toppled over on their properties after Thursday night's storm.

It seems like almost everywhere you look around Tully Lake, there is damage to a tree or a home.

"It is a disaster, houses crushed, cars crushed, trees still uprooting themselves from the ground," Keith Taber who lives along Tully Lake said.

Taber's property is one of many in the area damaged from the powerful storm. Although, thankfully his home remains untouched after a large tree branch barely missed his roof.

"The one that's split in half behind me and then the one that's uprooting as we speak," Taber said.

He's keeping his eye on another tree too that's splitting at the base of the trunk.

The Native American Tree Service is taking on some of the heavy lifting for neighbors and helping clean up their yards, roads and homes.

"Oh, they got hit hard, all around the whole lake," Sam Sickles, the Native American Tree President said. "There's probably a dozen trees. If they come over the power lines that are still up they're going to take them right down."

Taber plans to take down the tree still hanging over his roof, but it will be at his own expense. Insurance doesn't pay for a tree to be removed unless it's already fallen on your home.

In the meantime, neighbors living amid the chaos are working together to pick up the pieces.

"They're all coming over, helping with the wood, helping with the cutting. Everyone is helping everybody else and doing what they can," Taber said.

Even with the damage, Taber says the lake life is worth it.

"I mean look at the place, you can't trade it for the city life by no means,"Taber explained.

As neighbors continue to clean up, some are still left without power, and others fearing they could be in the dark through the weekend.

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