How could something like this happen?

The allegations are shocking: A 13-year-old accused of shooting his dad in the head while he slept.

Joseph Giacona III has pled not guilty to second degree murder charges in the death of his father Joseph Giacona Jr., however, the charges raise the question: How could something like this happen?

"There's not a good simple answer to that question," says Dr. David Keith, a psychiatrist who works with families. "I think our culture at this point in history is putting an awful lot of pressure on kids.

He says in the case of Giacona III where the child was living with his father and dad's girlfriend, but away from the mom, that could have impacted him.

"Kids get caught up in deep passions in families," Keith said.

Dr. Keith says you never really know what goes on behind closed doors or what's going on in someone's mind. He says he can't say there are warning signs for something like this.

"I suppose it's important to pay attention to kids being frustrated and not load them up with distress," Keith says.