How did Syracuse summer temperatures end up?

Would it surprise you to hear that our summer temperatures will officially â??go in the booksâ?? as NEAR NORMAL? The official â??meteorological summerâ?? across the United States extends from June 1st through August 31st. Yes, this period for Syracuse had near normal temperatures. Look below and you will see when you average all of the highs and lows and the average those two numbers temperatures ended up +0.5 above normal (which is very close to normal):

Average Daily High: 80.0° (+0.3° above normal)

Average Daily Low: 59.6° (+0.7° above normal)

Temperature: 69.8° (+0.5° above normal)

I bet that you would also be shocked to hear that during the month of August Syracuse had near normal to just slightly below normal temperatures. Itâ??s true!

Average Daily High: 79.0° (-1.0° below normal)

Average Daily Low: 59.4° (-0.2° above normal)

Temperature: 69.2° (-0.6° below normal)

So, why is this surprising? The reason is that the last several summers in Syracuse were all above normal. The last time Syracuse received a June-July-August combination below normal was back in 2009 when the mean temperature for those 3 months was 67.9° (-1.4° below normal). In addition, August 2014 was the first time Syracuse had a below normal summer month since July 2009 when the monthly temperature mean was 68.0° (-3.3° below normal). Therefore, our recent memory has â??cloudedâ?? our perception of what a normal summer is supposed to be. Here is another interesting statistics: Syracuse has reached 90° or higher 5 times. While this is 3 days below normal for the season (assuming we do not hit 90° again), last summer Syracuse hit 90° 12 times (4 days above normal) and in 2012 Syracuse hit 90° 25 times (17 days above normal and tied for 3rd highest amount of days of 90° on record).

Rainfall for the â??summer seasonâ?? was 11.16â?? was only 1.00â?? above normal for Syracuse and near normal for the month of August 3.74â?? (+0.17â??).

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How does September look? My forecast has well above normal temperatures for the first 5 days of this month. Cooler than normal temperatures look likely for days 6 through 8 Looking ahead past the first week, the Climate Prediction Center is forecasting for September 8th through 14th to be normal temperature-wise. Their forecast, as a whole for the month, describes a slight chance for above normal monthly temperatures and equal chances for above and below normal temperatures. I will continue to monitor how the weather changes through the month.

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