How do you think SU is handling Bernie Fine's investigation?

Bernie Fine / SU Athletics file photo

When Syracuse University fired Assistant Basketball Coach Bernie Fine, a campus-wide email quickly broke the news to students.

"I think they doing really well. It is hard to get emails every day with these kinds of updates. But I think they are handling it very well," said Eliza Spencer.

Many on the SU hill are closely following the story from the time the allegations came out nearly two weeks ago and fine strongly denied them.

Then Friday, the assistant coaches home was searched by police. Two days later, another alleged victim comes forward and a disturbing phone call is released, where fine's wife Laurie, and one of his accusers Bobby Davis, talk candidly about the allegations.

Many we spoke with Monday night say they feel SU is being open about this investigation but they still have a lot of unanswered questions.

"I don't want us to end up like Penn State," said student Ian Chin. "I think it's good that we got an email from Chancellor Cantor about it, I think it's a good way of going about it, I think it shows she is with us."

"We were talking about it in class today about how it's affecting our lives, and when we were home for break everyone was asking us about it," said student Ryan Boepple. "We want to know just as much as everybody else and I think the University is doing a pretty good job up until now."

The school has issued a number of statements in the last 11 days. But with the exception of Coach Jim Boeheim at a post game press conference, we have yet to see school officials in front of television cameras. We've asked to talk with them and have repeatedly been denied.

Since the allegations have topped national headlines, and all eyes on Syracuse right now, students tell us they hope and expect officials to address the media when the time is right.

"It needs to happen," said student Claire Dunderman. "B ut we as an institution have been approaching this very openly. And I think that gives credit to the school. If they didn't send anything out, people would still talk about it, but they wouldn't be as informed."

How do you think SU is handling the Bernie Fine situation? Let us know by commenting below.