How does snowfall, or lack of, impact local businesses?

Toggenburg Mountain / Jessica Cain

As snow finally starts flying in the north country, it doesn't take an expert meteorologist to figure out that this start to winter has seen fewer flakes.

According to the CNY Central weather team, at this point we have only had seven tenths of an inch in Syracuse. Compare that to last year when there was already 48.5 inches by December 9th.

That's good news for some businesses but bad news for others.

At Toggenburg Mountain the ski slopes haven't opened because its not cold enough to make snow yet. Consistent temperatures in the 20's are needed before that can happen. Toggenburg hopes to open by mid-December.

Some snow plowing companies are hoping the weather stays dry. CNY Sealing & Plowing says it works with contracts. Some years like last year, they lose money on the contracts because of all the snow. So the green grass is a welcome sight for their business.