How much more snow will we get this winter?

After a record breaking December in Syracuse with more then 70 inches of snow, many folks are asking the question How much more snow will we see the rest of this winter?

A couple of weeks ago I did some research on what the total winter snowfalls ended up being after unusually heavy December snow totals. Just in case you missed the results, here they are again:

Other top December snowfalls Total Winter snowfall

70.3 in 2000 191.964.6 in 1989 162.057.3 in 2008 149.653.0 in 2005 124.6

So, that TMs one way of looking at the possibilities of what the rest of winter could be like. Obviously, each of those years ending up above the normal 120.

Now lets look at it another way. Lets start with the 73.6 of snow we have so far this winter (as of Tuesday afternoon), and then simply add on the normal monthly snowfalls for January through April, and we see where we end up. Here are the normals|

January 33.2February 24.0March 18.8April 4.8

So we use some simple math, add these normals up (80.8), add this amount of average snow for the next four months to what we have already had (73.6), and this gives us a total winter snowfall of 154.4 IF we simply had normal or average snowfall in Syracuse for the remainder of the winter.

So, nothing is guaranteed in the weather business, but certainly both of these possibilities, either using top December snowfall records or using simple averages for the remaining months, indicate above normal snow for the rest of the winter.

As the old saying goes, only time will tell!

Be sure to track all that snow we may be getting the rest of this winter with both Triple Doppler Radar and Interactive Doppler radar.

Keep track of the Golden Snowball Award for upstate New York cities for our snowfall.

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