How purple toilets on Solvay lawns aim to flush away cancer

Purple toilets are popping up on Solvay lawns. It's an eye-catching fundraiser to bring awareness, and money to the American Cancer Society and the Solvay Relay for Life.

"I pulled up and said is that really a toilet on my lawn?" asked Valerie DiFlorio from Solvay. "It was hysterical. I think this is a great fundraiser and really promotes what the Relay for Life is all about. One of my very best friends is a cancer survivor so we did the Relay for Life in her honor."

The campaign is called "Flush Away Cancer" and it's been going on for the last few weeks. Organizers say they've already raised $400, money that will help families and loved ones battling cancer.

"Everyone knows someone, we are making big strides and all of this goes towards advocacy and helping people in the Syracuse area. So this is great to get it out and about, the awareness of it," said Audrey Davies who is organizing this campaign with her daughter.

For DiFlorio, it's now about payback, which comes at a price. She can pay $15 to have the toilet removed from the lawn, or for $20 she can have a little fun herself and pay to put the toilet on someone else's lawn.

Right now there are 5 toilets making their way around Solvay.

"We are going to pay it forward," said DiFlorio.

The Solvay Relay for Life event is June 8th at Solvay High School, it starts at 6 PM. The "Flush Away Cancer" fundraiser will run up until the event.

Want to "flush" your neighbor? For more information on the fundraiser and the American Cancer Society, click here.