How to enjoy the New York State Fair without breaking the bank

One deal many fair-goers are taking advantage of is hot dogs for one dollar at Twin Trees.

GEDDES, N.Y.--- We started our hunt for all things cheap in the Dairy Products building, where you can get your hands on New York State milk for a quarter a cup.

That's where we found Elaine Spacht, loading up with four cups.

"It's the best bargain in town," said Spacht, "but if it was a dollar a cup I'd buy it it's so good!"

If milk isn't your thing, head out the back entrance of the Dairy building and to the left, and you'll find dollar hot dogs and dollar water.

Twin Trees is serving up dollar dogs, music to the ears of people with a family to feed.

"They get up here and they're like really? A dollar? and we're like yup," laughed Kobe Trovato of Twin Trees.

Other fair-goers say it's all about the budgeting. Len Dimaggio's family tries to stick to 20 to 40 dollars total.

"Very doable, with not a lot of money, just spending time with the family walking around, and taking the little one on the rides," said Dimaggio.

Other perks are in the Center for Progress, where you can try food samples and even get your jewelry cleaned for free.

With deals like this, people like Elaine will keep on sipping in the good times.

"It's absolutely delicious," said Spacht.

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