How to Handle It: Home Invasion

How to handle it: home invasion

FAYETTEVILLE, NY-- What would you do if someone were to break into your home?

It's a scary situation many hope they will never have to encounter, but you need to be prepared if it ever happens to you.

If it's a nice day outside, you might open for some fresh air, but it's important to keep in mind, if you are heading out for the day or going to be, make sure to shut and lock them.

Keeping doors, like your garage, or windows open gives intruders an easier opportunity to break into your home.

"We see burglaries, not so much home invasions, in the middle of the daylight people not home or they are outside, so you don't want to give the crime of opportunity, that's what a lot of this is. Just like car larcenies, they are looking for that opportunity to get an easy steal, break into a house, maybe they don't need to even break into it, they can just walk in," said Sgt. James Meyers, Cicero Police Department.

Another way to protect yourself and your home from an invader, buy long screws for the hinges of your door, so it's harder for someone to force entry.

Before you head to bed, law enforcement officers suggest leaving your car keys right next to you. If you think someone is in your house, you can press the panic button.

The alarm can wake up neighbors and might even scare away the intruder.

It's also important to make an emergency plan with your family, so you are prepared if a situation like this happens to you.

" Everyone should know the plan, if you need to create a safe code, words that your kids can understand clearly and make a plan. Whether it's an escape route, hide in a closet, where to meet, where to go afterwards and communicate so in an emergency everyone is on the same page," added Meyers.

Also, leave your phone by your bedside. If you believe someone is breaking in, call 911 immediately. Patrol officers can locate your address and dispatch to your home right away.

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