How you can help Oswego fire victims

A Pulaski woman is collecting items to help a family who lost everything in a fire in Oswego. On November 4th, a home on Liberty Street was destroyed.

Mary Woodfield saw the fire on the news and decided she wanted to help.

"I felt really bad because I figured if there were children, not just adults but children, it's near the holidays," says Woodfield. "In addition to where are they going to live now, what are they going to eat? What are they going to cook on? What are they going to wear for clothing?"

Woodfield didn't know anyone involved when she called the Red Cross, but officials put her in contact with a woman named Brandi, who lived at the home on Liberty Street.

Brandi has two boys, two girls, and another baby on the way. She is looking for clothing for her daughters. They are size 8 and 6. She also needs clothing for herself. She is a size 3, but she has been wearing medium-sized clothes lately because she is expecting. Woodfield says Brandi can also use beds for the kids and bedding.

Woodfield gathered some clothing at her house and put an appeal on Facebook. She says she has received responses, but she's looking for more help. Also, if someone is willing to donate a truck for a day, that can help Woodfield bring larger donations to the place where Brandi is staying.

If you would like to help, you can call Woodfield at 315-546-6093 or email her at She says she'd like to bring the donations to Brandi by the end of the week.