Huge turnout at Mayor Miner's meeting about migrant children awaiting deportation

Neighbors from Syracuse came out in full force for another immigration meeting that took place at the Past time Athletics Club.

There were so many people in attendance, there was not enough room for just one meeting.

So, there were two. And, with double the meeting, came double the voices.

"We already have a bunch of teenagers that walk up and down the street at 2 o'clock in the morning. We don't need to make it worse," says Karen Aldrich.

"I think it's a courageous thing that Mayor Miner has done. I give her all the credit. It's very controversial, but it's very right," says Davy Campbell.

Mayor Stephanie Miner was leading Thursday's meeting to make sure that people would learn more about this proposed idea to possibly house migrant children in Syracuse at a former convent on the city's northside.

She asked neighbors to write down questions for her to answer so they could have a better understanding of how it would work.

But even with an explanation, people are still set on their initial opinions.

"I think we need to close the borders. We already have enough people who can't find jobs," says Aldrich.

"I think that there is a lot of confusion about what the impact will be on the city of Syracuse if we bring children here," says Kathleen Barry.

For now, the debate continues. While the City of Syracuse awaits word from the federal government on whether or not these children will come to Syracuse.