Humane Association of CNY asks for help freeing up space while building is renovated

When a pipe burst and flooded some of the Humane Association of CNY's building off Taft Road in Liverpool, Angelo Chido Heating and Air Conditioning saved the day by donating and installing four new furnaces. While the work is being done, all the in the shelter cats have to squeeze together in one room.

"Right now I think we have 45 cats in this room. It's cramped in here, not everybody is happy. They're used to having a little more space of their own," said director Christine McNeely.

To help free up space, the Humane Association is having a special flood adoption event. The fee to adopt a cat over one year old was dropped to $25 for Thursday and Friday. Normally it is $75. McNeely is hoping some of the cats can go to more spacious homes.

"Then we won't have to uproot them and move them everyday from place to place within the shelter," said McNeely.

McNeely said the cats have to stay away from the crews repairing and renovating the building.

"We have drop ceilings throughout the shelter so we end up having cats jumping through the ceiling and running through the shelter," said McNeely

All of the cats available for adoption have been spayed or neutered and have already received about 350 dollars worth of vet care.

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