Hundreds come together to celebrate being cancer free

Cancer survivors were able to come together to share their stories with one another.


ildred Turner was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2003. After undergoing a lumpectomy, 38 doses of radiation and continued medication for five years following her surgery, she can proudly tell people she has won her battle.

"It was scary, the "C" word is scary, but I had family support so it made it easier and my church family made it easier for me," says Turner.

Mildred was on of the hundreds out today at the Holiday Inn in Liverpool, celebrating their lives being cancer free. This is the fifteenth year Upstate Hospital has hosted a National Cancer Survivor's Day, giving people a chance to share their stories of cancer survival on a day dedicated just to them.

Sharing their stories of survival with one another at this event has led to friendships which have lasted throughout the years, as these survivors come together as one big family. It's that sense of community and family that has helped survivors like Mildred in their journey's.

"I think it's great, when I first came it was like... A lot of people here we share the same story. A lot of people here I worked with, I worked for the school district, I'm retired now and a lot of my friends are here and the went through the same thing," says Turner.