Hundreds fire back against New York SAFE Act

Hundreds gather to rally against NY SAFE Act.


undreds came out to Syracuse's Inner Harbor to send a clear message to lawmakers in Albany This group rallying today was speaking out against the New York SAFE Act. One of the points members from this group say they were protesting was how this legislation puts their second amendment rights in jeopardy.

Bill Nojay represents the 133rd district in the New York Assembly. "E

very New Yorker that owns a firearm is now going to have to ask for permission from the state government essentially to continue to own our weapons," says Nojay. "Let's stop telling people in Upstate New York, Syracuse area, all of Upstate that we need to live our lives according to their rules in New York City."

Activists like Carl Paladino, hope their actions will lead to greater change throughout the entire state. "That's how change starts, change starts with the first step. Every journey begins with the first step," says Paladino.

Tom Dadey is the Republican Chair for Onondaga County. "The goal today is to have folks stand up, be heard and get that act repealed," says Dadey. "You see a very strong contingent here today with the folks that showed up. They want to see change and they want to see that law repealed and time's going to tell if this momentum can continue to go. It's not going to be good for the folks who are trying to infringe on our rights."

Luke Germain feels that these penalties from the SAFE Act should not be enforced. "It's an unconstitutional law to begin with and jurors don't have to convict anybody for an unjust law," says Germain.