Hundreds gather in Clinton Square to speak out against racism

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It is a demonstration with a dual purpose.

Hundreds gather in Clinton Square to stand up against racism and to mourn the death of Heather Heyer, who was run over and killed during the Charlottesville, V.A. demonstration.

"I saw the aftermath. People bleeding and mangled and being tended to. I saw some cuts and scrapes and some very traumatized activists," Katie Feyh said.

After a long drive, Katie Feyh, is home.

She was in Charlottesville as part of the counter protest to the white nationalists.

She said the feeling throughout the entire weekend was tense.

People were on edge and fearing for their safety.

Then a driver plows through a crowd of people.

"Mostly we were trying to make sure everybody was okay. That people who needed medical attention got medical attention and that everybody else was clear of the area," Feyh said.

Black Lives Matter organized the rally and vigil in Clinton Square.

Organizers said many people were fearful of what might happen in Syracuse.

"People are understandably shaken and scared today. They're scared of copycat crimes. But more than that what we're seeing is a lot of people who genuinely care. Who want to be engaged. Who are looking to help," Herve Comeau with Black Lives Matter said.

Organizers said it is time to come together and rally against racism across the country including in Central New York.

"Again, I think what we're trying to do is build solidarity. To educate each other, to talk and to build community," Comeau said.

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