Hundreds look for work at the State Fair job fair

Hundreds came out to the Fairgrounds looking for work this summer.


he Great New York State Fair is only 77 days away. In order to keep the fair running smoothly, they are looking to add three hundred temporary positions through this job fair in areas such as security, ushers and maintenance.

Maggie Barrett brought her son to look for employment with the fair this summer, as he looks to have something he can use on his resume. "It's very difficult finding a job. He's a hard worker and I like the idea of starting out with a summer job," says Barrett.

Dave Bullard is with the Fair and he knows how important these positions are to the hundreds who came out today. "

These are all positions where we really need people, because you know the fair is a small city. We'll get a million people in here over 12 days and those people need assistance in all kinds of areas, so we bring in a whole lot of people for 12 days to make sure that the good things get and make sure that this place operates like a small city," says Bullard.

This small city is giving job seekers like Jakelle Davis, 16, hope for their future. "I got responsibilities and I'm getting older, so I feel like I can get a job and take care of myself," says Davis. "Parking tickets would be easy, or cleaning up the bathroom or something."

His father Jessie Davis knew how vital getting even this 12 day summer job is to his future. "For him to feel comfortable, I say I'm gonna go with you, so I brought him out here, because a lot of kids getting killed in the streets and stuff and he's 16 years old and he's trying to find an identity for himself and so I'm just trying to walk him down the right path and keep him off the streets and if it takes two weeks for me to work with him at the State Fair, I'm willing to do it," says Davis.