Hundreds of kids compete in flag football tournament

More than 30 teams were competing today.

Flag football was the name of the game at Henniger High School in Syracuse this afternoon. More than thirty teams competed in the CNY Flag Football Tournament.

David Guido is the head coach for CNY Flag. "It's a lot of fun for the kids, they come out here and compete and flag football, it's a non contact football to keep kids together for the football season and just have some fun at a competitive level," says Guido.

His son Brody is one of the player on his team. "When I'm on defense pull the flag, when I'm on offense... Score," says Brody.

The competition is sponsored by the NFL and featured teams from as far away as Virginia. Today's tournament gives teams a chance to fight for placement in other tournaments starting in the fall, including regional and national competitions. For others, today was just about having a fun time playing a sport they love.

Many of the parents and volunteers here this afternoon their kids are going to be learning skills which will take them farther than the football field.

Holly Eldridge is a parent from Pennsylvania. "Definitely to keep them active and to learn team sports. How to play well with others and just an overall bonding for these kids," says Eldridge.

Nyasia Spencer plays for one of the teams competing today. "S

ome people I didn't get along with before before I did the flag football thing


but now that they're on my team I have to work with them so outside of the flag football we're more friends

," says Spencer.