Hundreds participate in Ride for Missing Children

Bicyclists take part in the Ride for Missing Children

People traveling through the Mohawk Valley on Friday may have seen a sea of bicycles. It's all part of the Ride for Missing Children.

Organizers say the 100 mile race is designed to send a message of safety to children in the area and highlight the progress that has been made.

"We've brought a lot of education through the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, which is funded by this ride," says Jim Simpson, the director of ride logistics. "This ride is the sole funding for that, and it also funds posters of missing children."

Simpson says about 500 people participated in this year's event, and each rider will fund 2,000 missing children posters.

The bikers each wear a picture of a child who was or is missing. They say it helps them remember why they're there.

"This is my 16th year, and every year is like the first year," says biker Greg Lopresti. "It's all about the kids and finding the missing children and bringing them home and giving the families hope that no one has forgotten about their child."

"You can't even explain it," says biker Liz Crane. "It's a whole roller coaster of emotions. You're sad, you're happy, you're tired, you're amazed, you're excited. It's everything, all in one day."

This is the 16th year of the event.