Hundreds raise money for Lateef Haskins' children for their education

Haksins' friends and family came to raise money and remember him as a great man.


he State Fairgrounds were filled Sunday with hundreds of people out paying tribute to a man they remember as a local hero. He was remembered for saving his neighbors from a Liverpool fire three years ago.

Joel Brown was one of Lateef Haskins' friends who put on the fundraiser. "He was definitely happy-go-lucky a very selfless person," says Brown.

His mother Karen Lambert knows how difficult it was to lose her son. "He was a wonderful person, he was a good dad, he was a family man. He was just a good guy, I really miss him. It was a shock, I felt like somebody punched a hole in my stomach," says Lambert. "I dropped to my knees, because I had no idea who it was, I had no idea and I was screaming that's all I could do."

It was news which hit his friends and family hard when they heard Haskins was killed at a construction accident last November at SUNY Oswego. It was a tragedy that has not been forgotten. Lateef's friends hosted a benefit in his name to raise money for his family. The father of three left behind two little boys and a teenage girl.

While this event raises money to be put into a trust fund for his children's education, this is also meant to give the family a giant group hug as they remember their father, brother and husband.

Dan Williams is the pastor at Lateef's church. "It's satisfying to share in his life and it's satisfying to share in his memory too. There's a lot of other places all these people could be but they're making special time to recognize the kind of person that he was and the kind of sacrifices that he made," says WIlliams.