Hundreds remember attorney Jim McGraw

Jim McGraw

Some people waited in line for up to two hours alongside hundreds to share their condolences with attorney Jim McGraw's widow, son and other family members at the Everson Museum in Syracuse.

Mike McGraw was Jim McGraw's brother. "We spent our first 18 years together, in bunk beds. I'm just very proud of him," says McGraw.

Losing a loved one is helped with the hugs of friends from across the years.

Bob Barker "Just to show you how many people loved that guy, who came out here today and waited in line. It was two hours for me and I would wait another four hours if I had to," says Barker.

One of McGraw's most high profile cases was the federal corruption trial of former Syracuse Mayor Lee Alexander. Another is the case of Roy Brown, a man who spent years locked up for a murder he didn't commit. McGraw's representation got Roy Brown out of state prison and earned him even greater respect among his colleagues.

Peter Catalano "A true gentleman, someone that you'd respect and from what I understand he was a very, very good criminal defense lawyer," says Catalano.

For many people out here remembering Jim McGraw, they say he was a good man at home who always kept his family a priority.

Brian Elwell was one of Jim McGraw's friends. "Jim's biggest concern was his wife and his son, young Peter. He just wanted to make sure they would be ok if anything would happen to him," says Elwell.

Just about everyone has a happy memory of Jim McGraw.

"Jim was nice to everyone like giving money to a street person or if you needed legal help and you didn't have the money you never had to worry about it with Jim," says Elwell.

A man remembered for helping many clients inside the courtroom, while touching many more during his life.

There will be a reflection for Jim McGraw at the Onondaga County Courthouse, Friday at 5:30.