Hurricane Katrina survivor speaks out ahead of Harvey making landfall in Texas

Cheryl Neri lives in Mattydale, but she lived though the devastation of Hurrican Katrina.

MATTYDALE, N.Y.---In 2005, Cheryl Neri and her family were living what she calls "the good life," in Mississippi.

Then a storm that would go down in history came-Hurricane Katrina.

"It sounded like a train was coming through the house.You know, being inland as far as I was, we lost half of our roof. I had a weeping willow tree that was uprooted, there was a big hole," Neri remembers.

"It was scary, it was heartbreaking," she continued.

She remembers springing into action in even harder-hit areas, like Louisiana.

"We took coolers down myself my brother, my kids that are older now had went and we cooked hot dogs. It was sad it was sad I mean all you could smell down there was death," said Neri.

As hurricane Harvey intensifies and creeps closer to Texas, Cheryl says people in the storm zone have to take warnings and evacuation orders seriously.

"You need to leave. If they're expecting you know, damage anything near like Katrina, don't try to wait it out," she warns, "a lot of people down there was trying to wait out the storm."

Cheryl has good friends in the predicted path of Harvey.

"I've been contacting them on Facebook just to make sure you know, hey are you OK or you know keep me updated where you're going and whatnot," she said.

She says her eyes will be glued to the TV as she watches this storm.

"I'll be keeping everybody that's in the path of this storm in my prayers, I wish them all the best," said Neri.

Remembering the damage and heartbreak hurricane Katrina caused, and hoping this storm isn't as vicious.

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