Hydrofracking protesters take to State Fair

Dozens came out to the fairgrounds Thursday morning to protest hydrofracking.

Dozens came to protest hydrofracking in front of Governor Cuomo on the opening day of the State Fair.

Many followed Governor Cuomo around the fairgrounds with signs.

The governor said he understands the concerns surrounding the issue, and is working to create the best solution.

"We have a lot of emotion onf the issue," said Governor Cuomo. "And my point from the beginning, from the campaign, has been 'Let's put the emotion aside and get some more information.' Let's make the decision based on the science, not on the emotion."

Some farmers came from as far as Pennsylvania to protest. They said they are already feeling the effects of hydrofracking. "My water is white," said farmer Carol French. "I'll let it sit for about three hours. You'll have about a quarter inch of soot and sand at the bottom. It'll have a green, mossy look at the top. And then, it will gel."

The protesters said they have a message for the governor. "We are asking him to wait," said Tompkins County farmer Gay Garrison. "There is plenty of time for this. The shale hasn't been going anywhere for millions of years. It's not going anywhere soon."

Governor Cuomo said there is no hard time table for making a decision about hydrofracking. He said he wants the Departmetn of Environmental Conservation to make the decision when it's ready.