Ice jam causes flooding for homeowners in Sandy Creek

<font size="2">Green Point Marina</font>

Flooding is causing concern for homeowners in the Town of Sandy Creek in Oswego County.

The problem area is west of Route 3 along the shoreline of Lake Ontario. Town and county leaders are monitoring the situation closely. This stems from an ice jam that formed, causing high water on North Sandy Pond.

Cathleen Goodnough from Green Point Marina says she has 6-8 inches of water flooding the property.

Residents and property owners west of Route 3 in the town are urged to check their homes, secure propane and other gas tanks, and turn off the electric power if necessary. "Please don't travel over flooded roadways," Town Highway Superintendent Mike Kastler said. "A few inches of water can wash away a vehicle. Turn around and go another way."

A State of Emergency for heavy lake effect snow on the Tug Hill issued last week includes Oswego County and remains in effect. Right now, County Emergency Management and town officials are working to secure state resources to aid the flooding situation in the town.

Anyone with a life-threatening situation should call 911.