Illness in Madison County linked to Easter buffet

The Madison County Health Department is investigating complaints of a gastrointestinal illness linked to an Easter Sunday buffet at the Solsville Hotel in Madison.

The Health Department is working with officials in Onondaga, Oneida and Chenango counties, where other people have reported feeling sick after eating the hotel buffet. It's also working with the New York State Department of Health. The Solsville Hotel is cooperating with the Madison County Health Department as part of the ongoing investigation. It's food service operations has had satisfactory food-service inspections in the past.

"We are early in the investigation process and a cause of illness has not yet been identified," said Cheryl Geiler, Director of Community Health at the Madison County Health Department. "Specimens are being collected and sent for testing. We will provide further information as the test results become available."

The Health Department is asking anyone who may have experienced illness after going to the Solsville Hotel Easter buffet on April 20 to contact their local health department of the Madison County Health Department at 366-2361.