'I'm so Syracuse' takes over social media with memories of the Salt City's past

If youâ??ve been anywhere near social media in past few weeks, youâ??ve probably noticed the â??Iâ??m so Syracuseâ?? posts.

The phenomenon has flooded social media in cities all over the country, and has become firmly rooted, for better or worse, in Central New York.

Here are a handful of nostalgic social media messages from Syracuse-natives, who remember the way it used to be.


I'm so Syracuse that at times, in middle of summer, I still find myself bracing to be slapped by freezing wind when I walk outside.

-I'm so Syracuse that I don't care how Syracuse you are.

-I'm So Syracuse I remember going to Fay's with my grandma to pick up prescriptions.

-I'm so Syracuse I remember the Genesee Theater right nearby my house.

-I'm so Syracuse I remember teen nights at the Country Club on Erie Blvd

Do you have any fond memories of Syracuse past?