In 911 recordings, man accused of killing girlfriend calls father abusive

In 911 tapes released last week, Clayton Whittemore talks to dispatchers in the hours after he is accused of beating Alexandra Kogut to death. While waiting for police to arrive so he could turn himself in, Clayton told a 911 dispatcher his father was abusive.

"I'm turning myself in for what I did. The man who called you, is a man who should turn himself in," says Whittemore.

During the call, Clayton Whittemore described the alleged abuse in explicit detail.

"Watched my brother get beat with a baseball bat by my own father. I watched my own father break my sister's nose. Throw my own mother down to the ground and beat her. I watched him shove a remote controller down the throat of all of his children for fingerprints on his car," says Whittemore.

Just hours earlier, around 3 a.m., Kogut's lifeless body was found in her dorm room with extensive trauma to her upper body. Whittemore later told police he and Kogut were arguing inside her freshman dorm room at SUNY Brockport. That's when, he says, he snapped, beating her to death with his hands and a curling iron.

Whittemore is charged with murder in Kogut's death. Prosecutors are still waiting for results of a psychological evaluation to see whether he is competent to stand trial. For now, the trial is scheduled to begin at the end of the month.