In flood areas, the cleanup AND looking to the long-term recovery

Victims of the flooding are still getting meals and more from service agencies--it's likely to continue 'for the long term'

There's the immediate crisis, and there's the long-term recovery.

For the Salvation Army dealing with flooding in both the Oneida and Herkimer areas, the prospects are very long-term.

Captain John Luby, our guest on Saturday morning's Weekend Today in Central New York, says in the week since the devastating floods hit, Salvation Army staffers and 300 volunteers have put in over 300 hours in the Herkimer and Oneida areas, serving over 7,000 means as well as 13-hundred beverages and snacks, and handing out over 1500 cleanup kits, buckets that contain mops, cleaning supplies and gloves.

In addition to the physical, there are always words of encouragement and someone to listen to the still-overwhelmed flood victims. FEMA aid may be coming soon, says Luby, but some residents realize the can never go back to their devastated homes, and must start all over again.

The Salvation Army is looking for donations of non-perishable food items, and for volunteers. 479-3668 is the Syracuse-area contact. has more detail, as does the regional site

The Red Cross, also active in the flood zones, now has bulk distribution sites (water and cleaning supplies, emotional, physical and mental health services).

Saturday 10am-2pm Remington Arms, Ilion and Mohawk High School, and Clinton's Town of Kirkland Municipal Building.

Sunday noon -4pm Oneida: Lenox Ave & Wilson St, Herkimer KMart

The Red Cross Oneida YMCA shelter will close Sunday night. is a contact for more information.