In Ilion, where Remington Arms is located, gun control debate hits close to home

Gun manufacturer, Remington Arms, is located in small village of Ilion.

The impact of the gun control debate is felt directly in Herkimer County, where Remington Arms is based. It's the manufacturer of some of the guns used in recent shootings.

A town hall meeting was held Monday morning by the village of Ilion to make sure lawmakers know how important the company is to not only the village, but Herkimer County, and to the state. Gun restrictions could mean the loss of jobs. Beth Neale is the deputy mayor for the village of Ilion.

"They're concerned about their jobs. They're concerned about their families and on the whole the economic impact for the whole Mohawk Valley," says Neale.

Norma Stehnach of Little Falls comes to Ilion weekly, on Tuesday to get her dog groomed.

"Gun safety is a big concern but in this area we have to be concerned about our employees too," says Stehnach.

Joseph Cirillo, a local attorney, is terrified by the recent talk of gun legislation.

"I think a lot of the legislation being proposed is short sighted and based on an emotional whim to help push an agenda," says Cirillo.

In Ilion the gun control debate is hitting extremely close to home. Remington Arms is more than a gun manufacturer to this community. It's their history.

"Remington is not only a major employer but it's a historic employer. It's been part of our very fiber for 200 years," says Neale.

Remington Arms employs at least 1,300 people. They did not respond to our request for an interview.

"If something happens at Remington it is a trickle down effect. It will effect this economy, this area, the businesses, the shops, everything," says Stehnach.

In a tough economic climate, any job loss will make a huge impact on this small community.