Increased security at first Carrier Dome event since new security plan

Security increased at the Carrier Dome on Friday night following new security measures implemented by Syracuse University and Syracuse Police.

There was noticably more security around the Carrier Dome on Friday night, as Syracuse University and Syracuse Police implement a new plan to curb crime around campus. The new security also caused delays for fans entering the Carrier Dome who had to pass through metal detectors on their way in.

Several students are in favor of the increased security measures. "I think it's really good," said freshman Rachel Pittman.

"I'm glad that they're increasing the security, just for safety issues and stuff, especially after what happened last week with the stabbing. It's just nice that we have increased security."

The new security measures include joint patrols between Syracuse Department of Public Safety and Syracuse Police on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights around campus. These are in response to recent violent crimes around campus. Syracuse University warned students to avoid Acropolis Pizza on Marshall Street following a late-night stabbing at the establishment. The Carrier Dome stabbing marked the final straw.

Students seem to have mixed feelings about security around campus. "It's kind of scary that there's a lot of security issues and breaches, especially at the Dome, since we had that stabbing last week," said freshman Caroline Davenport.

"I'm never worried," said freshman Douglas Knopf. "I mean, campus is pretty safe. So like, when there's more's kind of like a reminder, just calm down; don't overdo it."

The new security measures are not necessarily permanent. Syracuse University and Syracuse Police will evaluate their effectiveness at the end of November.