Increased traffic patrols in New York State over Thanksgiving holiday

There will be more patrol vehicles on the road over the Thanksgiving weekend as part of an effort to promote safe driving during a busy travel holiday.

The initiative will start on Wednesday with extra patrol forces focusing on aggressive, impaired and distracted driving. There will also be fixed sobriety checkpoints located throughout the state along with patrol vehicles watching for drivers texting or talking on their cell phones.

The Thanksgiving weekend often draws the highest traffic volume to the roads all year. Last year, 4,015 speeding tickets and 1,082 distracted driving tickets were issued over the holiday weekend. In addition, 164 drivers were arrested for driving while intoxicated.

"Operation Hang-up" educates people about the dangers of using a phone while driving. The last "Operation Hang-up" initiative in April of 2013 resulted in more than 2,900 tickets for phone and texting violations. Traffic safety officials say this type of distracted driving is even more dangerous during periods of high-volume traffic like Thanksgiving weekend.

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