Indian River student had semi-automatic rifle and 500 rounds of ammunition

      The student that brought a gun to Indian River High School Wednesday was carrying 500 rounds of ammunition.

      The 15-year old student that brought a rifle to Indian River High School Wednesday was carrying 500 rounds of ammunition, according to WWNY in Watertown.

      The gun was a .22-caliber semi-automatic "Savage" brand rifle. Though the teen did have a large amount of ammunition of him, the rifle had only a small clip that held 10 bullets or less, making it very difficult for the teen to reload the weapon quickly.

      Ammunition is often sold in boxes of 50 rounds, so having 10 boxes on-hand would not be uncommon for a hunter of shooting enthusiast.

      The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office has not issued any comment, but deputies told our Jim Kenyon earlier in the week that the student did plan to use the weapon violently, and had a detailed plan. At last word, the teen was in police custody, but little information is being revealed due to his age.

      On Wednesday, the 15-year-old student brought a gun into Indian River High School. Science teacher Robert Kuba noticed the gun and immediately secured the weapon. The school went into lockdown and law enforcement was called.