Injured dog Champ improving, treatment options being explored

Champ is getting stronger

The dog that is truly living up to his name, Champ, is making improvements, but an update from Lindsay Andersen of Country Acres Pet Services says that Champ is still not strong enough to undergo surgery.

An x-ray has confirmed that the severe wound on Champâ??s back right leg is indeed a gunshot wound. The leg will need to be amputated because of the wound, but the surgery will need to wait until he is in better health.

Andersen says that they are considering every angle and possible means of treatment before Champ goes under the knife.

Champ was

found wandering

around Homer, severely emaciated and with an open wound on his back leg.

Country Acres wants to thank everyone who has donated to Champ for their generosity. The resources given have made it possible for Champ to receive the care he so desperately needed.

There is still no word from his owner and the Cortland County SPCA are not treating this as an abuse case right now.

Anyone with information regarding Champâ??s owner or information on how he was injured are asked to call the Cortland Community SPCA Law Enforcement Department at (607) 753-9386.