New Liverpool coffee shop serves more than tasty treats

The Hope Cafe recently opened in Liverpool. (CNYCentral)

A local charity group is brewing something new.

The People Project works with a variety of causes, from those battling addiction to counseling services.

Now, they're taking on their next project.

Whether you like your coffee hot, iced or steamed, Hope Cafe in Liverpool is more than just a coffee shop.

"We named the place Hope Cafe because we want people to find peace and hope when they come in here," said Matt Cullipher, president of the non-for-profit charity.

Cullipher has dedicated much of his life to helping people through tough times.

On a national level, the charity helps fund schools, soup kitchens and orphanages.

"Here locally, we were a lot with addiction. We worked with mothers, men's groups, and all kinds of things so it's a pretty wide array," Cullipher said.

To open a place like this one has been a dream of his.

Cullipher had some challenges of his own, like overcoming addiction. His inspiration to help others comes from traveling to different countries.

"To talk to someone you don't know, enjoy yourself, relax, and I feel like that's very important. We need every now and again to slow down and find a peaceful place," said Cullipher.

On the menu is fusion food with Peruvian and Italian roots. The site is designed as a community lounge, with a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere.

All profits will be donated back to the community to help fund food and addiction programs.

"There's nooks, if someone is sort of shy they can go off in their corner and just enjoy themselves. We have free books that they can take up front and read and just enjoy themselves. We have other areas where people can do community together," added Cullipher.

Hope Cafe is located in the Village of Liverpool, in the Village Mall center.

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