Internet-equipped TVs could spy on you, Senator Schumer calls for security standards

New York Sen. Charles Schumer says new Internet-equipped "smart" televisions could be spying on you.

The Democrat on Sunday called for security standards for televisions with built-in web cameras.

The senator says hackers can easily access microphones and video images captured by the new television technology.

The technology is supposed to allow for video chats.

Manufacturers have suggested that consumers tape over the camera and unplug the TV when it's not in use.

But Schumer says the burden shouldn't be on the consumer. He called on manufacturers to institute minimum security standards on the devices.

â??You expect to watch TV, but you donâ??t want the TV watching you,â?? said Schumer. â??Many of these smart televisions are vulnerable to hackers who can spy on you while youâ??re watching tv in your living room. Our computers have access to firewalls and other security blocks but these televisions do not and thatâ??s why manufacturers should do everything possible to create a standard of security in their internet-connected products.â??