Investigators ask for patience during Ward Jr. investigation


Ontario County Sheriff did not address if he thinks there was a criminal act in this case, unlike yesterday.


or the first time

, investigators have set some type of timetable of when we could learn more details. We were told that the investigation is expected to continue for another two weeks or more.


ight now

, they plan on gathering evidence and speaking to more witnesses.But, the overall mood of the press conference this afternoon was to stress patience during this tragic investigation.

"When the investigation is completed, we will meet with the members of the Ontario County district attorneys office. And, will discuss with them all aspects of the investigation into the crash that occurred on August 9th 2014 at the Canandaigua Speedway," says Phil Povero, Ontario County Sheriff.

Once they meet with the district attorney

, they will then decide what can be released to the public. But for now, they're encouraging patience and well wishes for the ward family.