Investigators return to the scene of Socci murder in Auburn

Law enforcement officials search the area where Katie Socci's body was found / photo: Jim Kenyon

I nvestigators have returned to the crime scene in Auburn where the body of Katie Socci was found in June.

About 30 representatives of the Auburn Police Department, New York State Police, Cayuga County Sheriff's Department, Auburn Fire Department and Highland Search & Rescue are combing through a wooded area off Dunning Avenue on the west side of the city.

Auburn Police Lieutenant Shawn Butler says they want to make 100% sure that they didn't overlook any evidence before snow starts covering up the area.The area has long been open to the general public. Police believe if anyone found evidence they would have phoned it in to the Auburn Police Department because the alleged murder was so well publicized.

Butler tells CNY Central that investigators are not looking for anything in particular but want to take advantage of the fact that leaves are no longer on the trees.

Officers are utilizing search dogs to help in the search.

David McNamara was charged with second degree murder in the case last month. McNamara was a prime suspect in the case since it happened in June. He was being held on unrelated drug charges while investigators looked into the case. McNamara was sentenced to three to five years in prison for prescription drug-related charges.