Is the cold weather impacting your New Year's resolutions?

Itâ??s that time of the year when those New Yearâ??s resolutions start to fade away, and the cold Central New York winter is often at itâ??s harshest. There are a few of us who love the cold and snow, but we all know the chest tightening, the nose dripping, and throat clogging up with mucous isnâ??t for everyone.

So, if your resolution had to do with exercising more outside, itâ??s certainly understandable that you may be slacking a bit. What kind of dent is this cold weather putting in your exercise plans?

"It actually is pretty tough because you don't get the amount of exercise that you want because of the weather situation," John Hockenbury of Liverpool said. "You lose quite a bit of exercise because, I love warm weather, I love getting out, and thatâ??s basically where I get most of my exercise from, is when the weatherâ??s nice outside."

"Summertime is definitely more appealing. Itâ??s, you know, you donâ??t have to bundle up, you can just get up and go,â?? says Robert Frigon, also of Liverpool.

Clearly, the overwhelming consensus out at Onondaga Lake Parkway seems to be that working out is a heck of a lot easier during the summertime, compared to the cold and snowy winter months. However, I did have the chance to talk to one guy who said we donâ??t have it so bad here in CNY.

"Youâ??re not as cold as Maine, but you get more snow,â?? Steven Davenport said.

So while this particular shot of cold and snow clearly thinned out the workout crowd a bit at Onondaga Lake Park, thereâ??s always a few of us who can be found, sometimes even with a friend, braving the elements to get the blood pumping.