Is there a 4th alleged victim accusing Bernie Fine of abuse?

An advocate for sexual abuse victims claims he knows of a 4th alleged victim, who is accusing Bernie Fine of molestation.

Robert Hoatson is the co-founder of Road to Recovery, which supports children who were sexually abused. He says last week, he received a phone call from a family member of another victim, who told him a "compelling" and "poignant" story about the alleged abuse by Fine. "There are 4 victims, and I think there are a lot more victims out there. And we want them to know that there are people out there that support them," said Hoatson.

Tuesday evening, Hoatson was protesting on the Syracuse University Campus. He wants Coach Jim Boeheim to resign, or be fired, in light of the allegations lodged against his long-time former Assistant Coach Bernie Fine. Hoatson says the basketball program is now tainted. And claims Boeheim didn't do enough to protect the children in the program.

Boeheim has repeatedly said he did not witness any questionable behavior or alleged abuse. Fine has called the allegations patently false. Syracuse Police said they cannot comment on an open investigation.