Is there something in the water in Owasco Lake? Swimmers complain of 'rash'

County Health personal say all complaints have come from those swimming where boats tie up not far from Island Beach. (Brett Hall/CNYCentral.)

TOWN OF OWASCO, N.Y. -- The Cayuga County Health Department is looking into complaints of swimmers developing a "rash" after taking a dip in the northern end of Owasco lake.

"Several calls have come in since Monday from people swimming off boats that were tied up just off Island Beach over the weekend," said Eileen O’Connor, Director of Environmental Health in Cayuga County. "All of them have come from those who were swimming off boats tied up just off Island Beach."

Island Beach itself remains open as those who have swam there haven't reported any problems.

"If they were concerned they would tell me to close the beach," said Gary Duckett, he oversees the beach's lifeguards. "There is no reason for concern."

The Health Department is looking to possibly obtain water samples from the area and are looking to hear from anyone that may also be experiencing physical symptoms after swimming in the lake.

The health department's number is 315-253-1560.

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