iSchool professor on Internet fight, Stop SOPA

Professor Anthony Rotolo of Syracuse University's iSchool warns the debate over tougher rules for internet companies could send everyone who uses the internet on a slippery slop towards unprecedented government regulation. Rotolo took to his @rotolo Twitter account earlier Wednesday to send this message which he calls an "Excellent video explaining why we should #StopSOPA, which would censor the Internet and stifle innovation.

Online piracy costs U.S. copyright owners and producers billions of dollars every year, but legislation in Congress to block foreign Internet thieves and swindlers has met strong resistance from high-tech companies, spotlighted by Wikipedia's protest blackout on Wednesday, warning of a threat to Internet freedom.

Click the video to watch Rotolo's interview with CBS 5's Michael Benny which originally aired live during CBS 5 News at 5:30.