"It Can Wait" comes gets 1,000 pledges at Destiny USA


t's a problem that causes 100,000 thousand car crashes every year in the United States, texting.

With students going back to school, a time when texting and driving accident are most likely to happen. AT&T came to Destiny today to try and prevent future crashes. The phone company brought a car into the mall and paired it with a virtual simulator to show people just how dangerous texting while driving can be.

This is all part of a program called "It Can Wait," debuting today for the first time in Central New York and giving people the chance to understand the dangers without living them firsthand.

Austin Hirt was out alongside AT&T today helping people take the simulation. "They take the pledge and hopefully when they go home they'll remember or they'll have a sticker or a thumb band that reminds them -- that maybe for today, I should put it away or give it to a friend in the passenger seat." says Hirt.

Rebecca Hunter took the simulator this afternoon. "I've never tried texting while driving, but doing that simulator I'm even farther away from trying to text while driving," says Hunter.

Amanda Shaw signed the pledge to never text and drive with her daughter. "Unless you're in that situation, I don't think people realize how fast you get distracted, but it takes a second. You just turn away and the car can come or a child can run in front of you or something can happen," says Shaw.

Nearly 1,000 people who stopped by the simulator signed a pledge promising to put down their cell phones when they get in the car, saying they will never text and drive.