Items taken from Syracuse church

T housands of dollars worth of items were taken from a church on Syracuse's southside.

Pastor Jonathan Stephens says the theft happened sometime Wednesday night or Thursday morning. Electronics including computers, fax machines and dvd's were taken from the offices of the Fountain of Life Church of God in Christ on South Avenue. There are no signs of a forced entry. The pastor doesn't know if the door was left slightly open or if someone with a key came in.

Pastor Stephens say the computers are used by at-risk children after school and the church doesn't have enough money to replace them. He hopes whoever took the computers will return them because they contain personal information about members including HIV statuses, drug addictions and domestic violence cases.

"I'm upset about it," Stephens says. "Of course I'm upset because it takes away from what I want to do with my program and it hurts other people who need those computers and all the other equipment that we use. So I'm hurt by that but then I have pity for the people that did it, that they could be that callous in their thoughts."

The church is also looking for donations to replace the stolen goods. Anyone with information about the theft should call Syracuse police.