Ithaca College searches for mascot: Submit your ideas

There's never been an official mascot at Ithaca College, but that's about to change. The school is searching for a new mascot and they need your help.

School leaders admit they don't know what they have in mind, whether it be an animal, a vegetable or mythical creature. What they do know is that the mascot will be named Bomber, in honor of the long-standing nickname bestowed upon Ithaca College athletics. It must be gender-neutral and meet NCAA standards. Click here for a list of the mascot guidelines.

Current students, faculty, staff and alumni can submit mascot suggestions online until early January. Click here to submit your idea, or leave a comment below.

The task force created to create the mascot will later select five finalists. The new mascot will eventually be unveiled in October during Fall Splash weekend.

Since 1940, the students and athletes at Ithaca College have been known as Bombers. Contrary to popular belief, the Bomber nickname does not originate from World War I fighter pilots. The "Cayugas" was the original nickname voted on by students back in 1937. Then in 1940, a popular sports reporter, referring to the basketball team's bomb-like shots, is said to have coined the term "Bombers".