Ithaca firefighter headed to the Philippines to help recovery efforts after devastating Typhoon

<font size="2">James Wheal, Ithaca Firefighter</font>

An Ithaca firefighter is headed for the Philippines to help with disaster relief following Typhoon Haiyan that devastated the country.

James Wheal left Friday on a one week trip to support the search, rescue, recovery and long term planning mission that continues following the disaster.

Wheal is teaming up with former Ithaca firefighter Jeff Goldberg on a Delta Spirit Team to lend aid to the region. The pair will spend the night in Manlia, then board a military C-130 loaded with food, water, tents and medical supplies bound for the relief zone. They will help with medical care for those affected by the typhoon.

Other firefighters are covering Wheal's shifts while he helps with the disaster relief.