Ithaca fires back with its support for gun laws

Many areas in New York State are calling for a repeal of new gun control laws. With over thirty counties asking for this to be overturned, the city of Ithaca is standing alongside Governor Cuomo

The Ithaca Common Council knows that this is a step in the right direction as they passed a resolution unanimously Wednesday night. Being a liberal leaning city, some people are not surprised where their city stands with the new laws.

Judy Scarpella has been a taxpayer with Ithaca for many years and she is used to the way that her city does business. "You have to look at the history of Ithaca and I think we're more progressive in that sense. We don't always vote like everybody else," says Scarpella.

Steve Smith is on the Common Council and was one of the crafters for this resolution. "Right now we have a piece of legislation that does a good job of taking guns out of the hands of people who really have no business of having guns," says Smith.

Ithaca's Mayor Svante Myrick is using this as a way to make his voice and opinion heard. "Here in Ithaca we really appreciate a lot of the provisions in the SAFE act, like the Webster provisions where it increases penalties for anyone who fires on first responders," says Myrick. "We've got no special interest except keeping the people in our city safe and keeping our police officers safe."