Ithaca police issue warning after three people fall through the ice

Buttermilk Falls

After three people fell through the ice on Saturday, Ithaca police have issued an advisory to use caution near bodies of water.

At 3:45 p.m. on Saturday, police were called to Ithaca Falls on a report of a person slipping and falling into the water. Another call about two people falling into the water came in as police responded.

By the time officers got there, everyone had been able to get out of the water.

Ithaca police are reminding people to use common sense and avoid bodies of water - even if they appear frozen. Some of these areas include the Cayuga Lake inlet near Stewart Park and Cascadilla and Ithaca falls.

Because of the warm weather, water levels have risen and ice that looks like it's thick is often unstable and dangerous.

Police say do not go off the trails and obey signs. They also say to call 911 if you see someone in danger.