Ithaca Police taser man after two incidents

Derek Deboer, 20, Ithaca

An Ithaca man faces several charges after getting into a fight with police, forcing them to use a taser on him Saturday night.

Police were called about 8:15 Saturday night, to Cayuga Lake's Lighthouse Pier area (north of the City of Ithaca Golf Course) on reports of a person yelling and screaming for help. Police 'borrowed' a boat from the Treman Marina, and Ithaca Fire Dept and Park Police boats also launched looking for the reported person in the water. They found the missing person's clothing on the pier, but no sign of him in the water.

About 45 minutes later, Ithaca Police got a report of a naked man running through downtown, at one point reported hit by a car.

Officers say when they found 20-year-old Derek Deboer, he started fighting with them, and a taser was used to subdue him.

Investigators determined the two incidents were related. They say Deboer told officers that he and his friend (the person yelling for help) were partying and were under the influence of marijuana and LSD. Both were taken to Cayuga Medical Center.

Early Monday morning, police found Deboer in the 200 block of North Plain Street and arrested him.

Deboer is charged with felony attempted robbery, attempted criminal possession of a weapon, obstructing governmental administration, public appearance under the influence of drugs, and exposure.