Ithaca to switch to four-day trash collection in April

The City of Ithaca is preparing to switch to a new four-day trash collection schedule.

The city says it's been collecting less trash over the last two years. In 2012, it collected 94 fewer tons of trash that in 2011, and 363 fewer tons than it did in 2008. According to city officials, more people are recycling and sending less trash to the landfill.

In an effort to save taxpayer money, Ithaca city crews will only be collecting trash Monday through Thursday starting April 1. About 1,250 properties will have their collection schedules changed. Recycling collection schedules will not change.

Anyone impacted by the trash collection schedule will receive a postcard in the mail with details about the new collection day.

The City of Ithaca is asking anyone with questions to call the Streets & Facilities Division at 607-272-1718.