Ithaca tries to prevent flooding from happening again

Cascadilla Creek in Ithaca

Ice and snow are back on top of creeks, bringing flooding concerns back into Ithaca.

Brian Watson lives in the city of Ithaca. "Who wants their property damaged. If you live in a basement or you have a basement where you go watch movies or whatever it may be a weight room. Do you want all that ruined? That's what it's all about," says Watson

After seeing floodwaters come through Ithaca last month, the city has received permission again from the DEC to spray specially treated water down onto the Cascadilla Creek. The water will break up the ice to hopefully avoid more flooding as temperatures rise well above freezing.

Kevin Sutherland is the Chief of Staff with the Mayor. "The more ice we can melt and move out of the way, the better we're going to be," says Sutherland.

The city will avoid using excavators this month to break up the ice. It says using the specially treated water again after using it last month, is cheaper and more efficient.

"It was very effective. The water's 50 degrees, it doesn't result in fish hatching, but it does melt the ice in an effective way," says Sutherland.

Neighbors who remember water coming into homes along these creeks say taking steps in advance will hopefully avoid the same problems from happening again.

Jason Corey lives in Ithaca as well. "Recently I've seen some houses go for sale in that area so I think there was some extensive damage that was done," says Corey.

"This time in the area right now you gotta do what you gotta do. People aren't rich, so whatever makes it easier on the community," says Watson.

In addition to spraying water here at the Cascadilla Creek, the city will keep an eye out on the other two creeks as well in the city, in case any flooding happens.

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