Ithaca wants the states to decide marijuana laws, not federal government

Svante Myrick

The Mayor of Ithaca, Svante Myrick, thinks there are more things police should be concerned with than marijuana arrests. Now, he's taking his support for the legalization of the drug to the internet. Svante Myrick is appearing in a YouTube for a group called "Marijuana Majority."


I feel the responsibility to speak out. It's clear to me that this prohibition has failed to do what we would like it to do, which is to discourage people, particularly young people from using marijuana

," says Myrick.

He is trying to encourage people to ask their mayor to vote yes on a resolution about who controls the legalization of marijuana through the video he posted earlier this morning.

This non-binding resolution is being voted on this weekend by the U.S. Conference of Mayors in Las Vegas. If it passes, it will be sent to Congress and the President expressing the country's view bout how it wants the states to decide if marijuana should be legal, not the federal government.


e can do better. If we legalize it, tax it, regulate it and control it



he use of marijuana



e can keep people healthier, we can keep people safer

," says Myrick.

Myrick says most people in the city are on board with this resolution, but there are still people in Ithaca who aren't on the same page.

Louis Cassaniti work in Ithaca and knows what marijuana has the power to do. "A

t my age I'm a little skeptical about what doctors and the professionals say about marijuana, in general

," says Cassaniti.

Skepticism which Myrick is attempting to erase as he hopes to only help people moving forward.

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